The Administrative Steering Division (ASD) (formerly Struction & Semantic Design Steering Division) focuses on the creation of basic patterns and common messages, including knowledge representation and access, that are used to convey domain specific content (e.g. as specified in the Clinical Steering Division).  To that end we focus on the understanding and assistance in the implementation of standards based content within a variety of contexts. The goal is to drive consistency by bringing these variables together.

The ASD is comprised of the following Work Groups:

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Financial Management
  • Imaging Integration
  • Orders & Observations
  • Patient Administration
  • Payer/Provider Information Exchange (formerly known as Attachments)
  • Patient Empowerment


The ASD performs the following functions:          

  • Encourages cross work group collaboration and sharing
  • Interacts with other Steering Divisions for concern identification and resolution
  • Coordinate, facilitate project management across workgroups.   
  • Monitors and assists in the management of  Work Group Health
  • Engages with the Technical Steering Committee and Work Groups in the clarification, development and implementation of resolutions to identified concerns
  • Assists in the education and adoption of HL7 methodologies and strategies as the organization continues to change


This is a place for links to the HL7.org page with updated WorkGroup information

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