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We have one item for e-vote.

Per our new DMP:

  1. If the motion was NOT made, seconded and discussed during a quorum meeting then, the Co-chair will circulate the motion and request a second via the list service. Once seconded there will be a period of not less than 3 days of discussion via the list server prior to the opening of the e-vote.
  2. Electronic votes will be held open for a minimum period of 1 week. The voting period will be defined in the announcement of opening the e-vote.
  3. Quorum for electronic voting will be set at 51% of of the voting members be present.
  4. If quorum has not been achieved at the end of the announced voting period, the vote will be closed as unsuccessful due to lack of quorum.

Vote Initial Deadline:  Tuesday August 20, 2019 or all WGs have voted.

If choosing Refer to Teleconference, please include your comment or concern in the space provided below.

  • Remember:  1 vote per Work Group

  • Please Vote *A*ffirmative, *N*egative, a*B*stain, or *R*efer to teleconference for each item.

  • Quorum is 4 voting work groups.

  • Use the  in the comments section to add comments to the vote.

  • Negatives that do NOT have a comment will be considered an abstain. Please register your vote below.

  1. Feel free to comment inline on Confluence documents*.


    Project ID: 1538

    Name:  CARIN Blue Button


    Develop a FHIR R4 based implementation guide for an API similar to the CMS Medicare Blue Button 2.0 API, FHIR R3 based, that will allow consumer-directed exchange of commercial Health Plan/Payer adjudicated claims data to meet the requirements of the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access proposed rule.

    This FHIR Implementation guide will use the US core profiles. If this FHIR Implementation Guide is unable to use a US Core Profile we will request approval from US Realm Steering Committee and provide the US Realm approved rationale for deviation in the Implementation Guide

    PSS for CARIN Blue Button

    Choices Your Vote Current Result: (5 Total Votes) Comments
    Affirmative PSS for CARIN Blue Button
    5 Votes , 100%
    Affirmative: OO votes affirmative with the condition that the project team apply the adjustments requested in the previous review comments, and reach out to appropriate co-sponsors as requested in the comments
    Affirmative: FM's caveat is that Carin should collaborate with CBCP/Security WGs on the significant privacy and security implications related to invoking HIPAA Individual Right of Access (ROA). This has been discussed with CARIN representatives by email. Clicking on an "accept" button for OAuth 2 to authorize an App to act on a patient's behalf is not sufficient. The request/directive needs to be "in writing and signed". This requires a FHIR Consent Directive (may be a combination of Consent/Contract Resources) to meet the law. See Right to Have PHI Sent Directly to a Designated Third Party Can an individual, through the HIPAA right of access, have his or her health care provider or health plan send the individual’s PHI to a third party? Yes.  If requested by an individual, a covered entity must transmit an individual’s PHI directly to another person or entity designated by the individual.  The individual’s request must be in writing, signed by the individual, and clearly identify the designated person or entity and where to send the PHI.  See 45 CFR 164.524(c)(3)(ii).  A covered entity may accept an electronic copy of a signed request (e.g., PDF or scanned image), an electronically executed request (e.g., via a secure web portal) that includes an electronic signature, or a faxed or mailed copy of a signed request. From <> Flip side of getting a ROA is ensuring that the recipient will comply with the terms of the ROA. Healthcare consumers need to be able to review their executed ROAs, and update/revoke them. That's not possible using SMART on FHIR. CBCP/Security have reached out to CARIN and hopes to engage possibly as cosponsors on this IG. Unfortunately, this will be discussed after this vote closes.
    Abstain PSS for CARIN Blue Button
    0 Votes , 0%
    Negative PSS for CARIN Blue Button
    0 Votes , 0%
    Refer to Telcon PSS for CARIN Blue Button
    0 Votes , 0%
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