ROOM: Nueces

Co-Chairs:  Mary Kay McDaniel, Riki Merrick

Scribe: Riki Merrick

Work Groups: (WG Voting Rep bolded.)

Work Group


Voting Chair


  • Durwin Day
  • Craig Gabron
  • Christol Green

Christol Green

Electronic Health Records

  • Michael Brody
  • Gary Dickinson
  • Stephen Hufnagel
  • John Ritter

Stephen Hufnagel

Financial Management

  • Kathleen Connor
  • Paul Knapp
  • Mary Kay McDaniel
  • Benoit Schoeffler 

Mary Kay McDaniel

Imaging Integration

  • Brad Genereaux
  • Elliot Silver

Brad Genereaux

Orders and Observations

  • Hans Buitendijk
  • David Burgess
  • Lorraine Constable
  • Robert Hausam
  • Ken McCaslin
  • Ulrike Merrick
  • John David Nolen
  • Patrick Loyd

Hans Buitendijk

Patient Administration

  • Alexander de Leon
  • Irma Jonjeneel-de Haas
  • Brian Postlethwaite
  • Line Saele

Line Saele

Meeting Minutes

  1. Introductions
  2. Reviewed and approved the Agenda
  3. Working Group Updates
    1. PA:
      1. Moved everything to confluence – including SWOT and 3 year plan
      2. There is a new template of the 3 year new year workplan based on PA examples (OO is using the flag in project insight to identify 3 year plan items
      3. Make everyone update the attendance sheet on confluence, so they need a confluence account
      4. Mission and Charter are on the front place
      5. 3 year plan:
        • Consider hiding columns of prior years for default view
      1. SWOT
        • Added threat about dependency on work product for project spanning across WGs
  4. Announcements
    1. Announcements/updates from Co-Chair meeting
    2. PSS Updates
      1. The submission form is now in Confluence. Use instead of paper form. 
      2. Project Scope Statement confluence space
        • () behind the PSS name gives you the location of the PSS page in confluence
        • Be sure you hit the create button in the space where you want to have it
        • When you hit create there is a list of available templates to use – might have to scroll
      3. The workflow is being piloted, there are changes that will be required in the future. PSS Pilot Group Signup link to be part of the pilot process (1 WG/SD)
    3. Review HL7 calendars on confluence
      1. Will the conference calls move into this calendar – we will ask that
  5. Work Group Health review / PBS Metrics review
    1. Quick review,
    2. (this is what is counted and how - in case we have questions)
      1. Main issue to watch for is vote in the Steering Division Chair / TSC vote
        • Make sure you get a response email in order for the vote to count
        • Attachments did vote Mary Kay McDaniel to follow up with HQ
      2. Attachments Co-Chairs:
        • Do not have Co-Chairs from the same organization, the
        • GOC discussion about Co-Chairs from related organizations in the same WG – not currently a concern but folks should speak up
  6. New Business
    1. Co-chair ballot for May 2019 - Montreal

Steering Division

Work Group

Co-Chairs up for Election


Electronic Health Records

Mark Janczewski

Financial Management

Kathleen Connor, Mary Kay McDaniel

Orders and Observations

David Burgess, Lorraine Constable, Rob Hausam; Patrick Loyd

Patient Administration

Alexander de Leon

    1. Update on Dental Interoperability project (#1482)  - see comment below.
      1. Create a whitepaper in the confluence template – should be coming out by end of the month
        • What has been done already
        • Collection of use cases for this project
          • Including images
          • School nurse use case for dental care in children
          • Financial side in dental care
          • Forensic
        • What do we want to focus on for future projects
        • This is an international whitepaper and we will have international implementation of this
      2. Scheduled different time with the WGs that are interested parties at this WGM to allow for special questions and collection of use cases
      3. Because we don’t have a US affiliate, we don’t have a place where this kind of work should be owned – another example is DaVinci (crosses every WG at HL7) and the TSC is grappling with this project, so considering requesting a formal liaison for each WG tht is sponsoring this project – or do you need to create a NEW WG for this project
        • Some of the US projects could / should be universal but we don’t have international participation in some of these as part of implementers, but also if the project is labeled as US realm, it will not be conducive to international folks to participate
        • TSC has become arbitrary about international participation, that it will not be an international project = example Argonaut, that is now being taking up as by many other countries - maybe have a new designation of single realm or multi-realm – bring this back to the TSC
        • Examples of other SDO approaches:
          • IHE profiles has all international profiles, that then have regional profiles on the base profile
          • ISO for new projects MUST have 5 international participants
    2. Free conference call Use
      • Does not work for PA, as they have a lot of folks to use this requires download; PA now uses gotomeeting
      • Free conference is also locks up the rest of the system, when used on VPN
      • They often upgrade the software, so need to redo the installs
      • Cannot use the VOIP very well for freeconference call, when it works for WebEx
      • We will report this to the TSC
    3. Review any PSS
      1. FHIRcast: Application Context Synchronization in FHIR (in case it didn't get enough votes before meeting)
        1. OO will vote affirmative 
      2. PSS for Payer Data Exchange (PDex)  address comments.
        1. used the eVote
          • rule is if you don’t vote after 3 weeks vote counts as abstention, but not voting in more than 50% of the SD votes counts against WG health
        2. Additional discussion about the eVote / confluence:
          • Talk to Josh about who can vote and also show the WG affiliation for the Voter
          • When you update confluence pages, please add a comment as to what was updated
          • You can also add a comment at the bottom and using @ sends notification to the named confluence user
    4. Reminder - Publication Dates

      From: Dave Hamill (HL7)
      Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2019 6:00 PM
      To: ''
      Subject: TWO Important PSS Deadline Dates (for the May AND September Ballot Cycles)

       In addition to the PSS deadline date communicated below for the May 2019 Ballot Cycle, PSS’s intending to ballot an artifact in the SEPTEMBER ballot cycle MUST receive TSC approval by April 7th. The TSC and PMO recommends that you initiate PSS work NOW for anything planning to ballot in the next two cycles. This deadline coincides with the announcement made in Baltimore: “Beginning with the September 2019 ballot cycle, PSS’s must obtain TSC approval at least 4 weeks prior to the previous WGM.”

      To summarize:

      Planning to ballot an artifact in the May 2019 cycle? Email the Work Group Approved PSS to the PMO by January 27th.

      Planning to ballot an artifact in the September 2019 cycle? Get TSC approval of the PSS by April 7th.

       All deadline dates can be seen on the new Balloting, Content Submission, Voting, and Working Group Meeting Schedules on Confluence at:

       Let me know if you have any questions.

       David Hamill

      Director, Project Management Office

    5. Review/Update the Attachments Name Change and Mission and Charter

See:  Attachment WG - Update name and M&C Proposal

      • WG name change
        • Originally this WG was built around payors and claims; prior authorizations etc, so need to expand the breadth of the work of the WG and have that clear in the name
        • Additional and supporting information
        • Would sending a referral to a radiologists and include additional  information for them to do the work better – this is provider to provider for patient care, so NOT part of this WG
        • This would be information about care, not for care
        • Provider and Payor is the scope
        • Payor and Provider Additonal Supporting Information
        • New name suggestion Christol Green to take to the WG and following to TSC on Wednesday, if WG approved, else later
        • Additional and Supporting Payor and Provider Information (ASPPI)
        • Additional and Supporting Information for Payors/Providers (ASIPP)
      • Mission and Charter – only needs to be approved by SD:
        • What are the 2 lines?
        • Attachment Collaborative Project (ACP) Informational Guide
        • Payer Based Value Based Care Health Story
        • These are existing IGs – so add such as…
        • Formal relationships with other HL7 groups section:
        • does not make sense (this came from the template) – we really have only PSS for this – for now add in the
        • Ulrike Merrick: Bring up to TSC to update the template around the section of formal relationships between HL7 groups (the section should be removed in the template or updated to this statement: The formal WG relationships among HL7 WG is defined by PSS / the WG coordinates its work products via the PSS statements as defined by the active PSS.
        • Add “as further defined in Project Scope Statements (PSS)” here
        • Outside groups relationships:
          • Under the existing HL7 SOU
        • Motion to approve as amended
          • Hans Buitendijk, Elliot Silver
          • no further discussion
          • against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 6

d. Review/Update ASD Decision Making Policies, in new TSC approved format = we will do that via email and eVote


Adjourned 8:25 PM CT


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  1. A Dental Interop (Project #1482) update will be included in this agenda, but exact sequence is dependent on timing with other SDs meeting at the same time.  At this point. simply added to the end of the "New Business" section.