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Second Vote in the official pilot for the Administrative Steering Division!!!!!


The ASD is attempting to move the eVote from Email to Confluence. 

Vote Info:

We have one PSS approval for review and e-vote.

Vote Initial Deadline:  Monday, January 14, 2019.  Please cast your vote as soon as possible. (If not, we will complete at the JAN WGM.)

If choosing Refer to Teleconference, please include your comment or concern in the space provided below.

  • Remember:  1 vote per Work Group

  • Please Vote *A*ffirmative, *N*egative, a*B*stain, or *R*efer to teleconference for each item.

  • Quorum is 4 voting work groups.

  • Use the  in the comments section to add comments to the vote.

  • Negatives that do NOT have a comment will be considered abstain. Please register your vote below.

  • Feel free to comment inline on Confluence documents*.



    FHIRcast: Application Context Synchronization in FHIR

    PSS is located at:  FHIRcast: Application Context Synchronization in FHIR

    This project proposes the creation of a decentralized, web-based context synchronization specification. This specification will enable secure integration across different devices, systems, and/or, networks – not tie the user’s session to a single machine. This specification will natively enable synchronization of SMART on FHIR apps. Project scope is not limited to imaging integration.

    (... read more in PSS)

    Click for anchor link Approval of Confluence for Evotes in the future.

    Choices Your Vote Current Result: (7 Total Votes) Comments
    7 Votes , 100%
    Not voted: Need to include ability to add WG affiliation of Voter. Need to include security assessment findings for 3c Security Risk selection made by PSS author.
    Not voted: II response to Kathleen's comment: The section referenced asks whether executables or schemas will be created as part of the project. No, we are producing a spec. It doesn't seem appropriate to add general security assessments to this section. However, as Security is a co-sponsor, we will continue to work with Security to address security issues in the specification.
    0 Votes , 0%
    0 Votes , 0%
    Refer to Telcon
    0 Votes , 0%

    Comments on how this worked?????

    Please let us know how it worked!

*  Refer to Can I add comments without editing the page? for directions.

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