Chair:  Robert Jenders

Scribe:  Robert Jenders




Peter Adlassnig

Medical University of Vienna
Andreas CsarmannMedexter
Peter HaugIntermountain
Robert JendersUCLA/CDU


  1. Continuation of Arden Syntax ballot reconciliation
    1. Comments and dispositions were entered directly into Jira, with the ballot documented edited contemporaneously.
    2. Issue OTHER-2668:  Missing AND in an example.  Technical correction.  Persuasive.  Vote 4/0/0.
    3. Issue OTHER-2655:  Multiple issues raised, mainly related to examples.  These are issues raised during a meeting with the CDS WG during its review of the ballot document. 
      1. Regarding "FHIR terminology server":  This should be just a "terminology server".  The examples also distinguish between a FHIR data service (but rename this to FHIR repository to be consistent with other FHIR documentation) and a FHIR resource/profile service.  Persuasive.  Vote 4/0/0.
      2. Re comment that examples in that are references to value sets are not being used as such; this will require consultation with other WGs, and the issue will be deferred to the next call. 
      3. Comment that asks (about examples in 12.7) whether a reference to a value set can be to both local and standard value sets, requesting illustration of this.  The WG will research this; issue deferred to next call.
      4. Comment regarding reference to a HgbA1C test code in a value set:  Deferred to next call.
    4. Issue OTHER-2666:  Technical correction.  Persuasive.  Vote 4/0/0.
    5. Issue OTHER-2665:  Technical correction already addressed in OTHER-2668.  Persuasive.  Vote 4/0/0.
  2. Next meeting:  2023-02-07 at 1100 HL7 time.