Chair:  Robert Jenders

Scribe: Robert Jenders




Peter Adlassnig

Andreas CsarmannMedexter
Peter HaugIntermountain
Robert JendersUCLA


  1. The WG reviewed current voting totals for the initial STU ballot for Arden Syntax v3.0, with balloting set to close in approximately 36 hours.
    1. Vote totals:  4/3/33 (pass/fail = 57%, total voting pool = 91).
    2. Passage requirements for STU ballot:  No quorum, affirmative / (affirmative + negative) >= 60%
    3. The WG discussed efforts to feed comments from European partners and the CDS WG into the ballot process, including through comments offered by attendees at today's meeting.
  2. WGM Logistics / Agenda
    1. Currently scheduled session:  2023-01-16, Q1-Q4.
    2. As the cochairs and key stakeholders in the Arden Syntax ballot reconciliation will be unable to attend in person, the WG discussed various meeting options, including cancelling the in-person session entirely or having some sort of hybrid session (with or without a temporary in-person chair), at least for Q1-Q2.  
    3. Consensus:  The WG agreed to conduct a Zoom session corresponding to Monday Q1-Q2 at the WGM, with the session chair online but with people physically present in the meeting room in Henderson able to join virtually.  The WG agreed two subsequent weekly conference call at the usual time (Tuesdays at 1100 HL7 time) in order to allow time to complete ballot reconciliation.
    4. This will yield 3 Arden Syntax WG meetings in the coming weeks:
      1. Henderson WGM Q1-Q2:  Monday, 2022-01-16, 0900-1230 PST = 1700-2030 UTC 
      2. Conference Call:  Tuesday, 2023-01-24, 1100-1200 HL7 time
      3. Conference Call:  Tuesday, 2023-01-31, 1100-1200 HL7 time
    5. Action Items
      1. Notify HL7 (Mary Ann Boyle = director of meetings) of decision regarding WGM session next week (Jenders).
      2. Set up Zoom sessions corresponding to Arden Syntax WG meetings during the next 3 weeks (Jenders)
      3. Circulate ballot comments to listserv once balloting closes tomorrow (Jenders)
      4. Post final agenda (Jenders).
  3. Agreed Agenda for Henderson WGM:  Monday Q1-Q2 
    1. Administrative documents
    2. Arden Syntax v3.0 ballot reconciliation
    3. Future plans:  CDS Big Picture IG, updating the Arden Syntax IG to reflect v3.0
  4. Next meeting:  2023-01-16 1700-2030 UTC