Chair:  Robert Jenders

Scribe: Robert Jenders




Peter AdlassnigMedexter

Andreas Csarmann

Peter HaugIntermountain
Robert JendersUCLA


  1. Arden Syntax v3.0
    1. The WG reviewed recent changes to the proposed new version (Arden Syntax v3.0) in the draft editing environment, including a summary of changes in the new version.
    2. Draft editing environment =>
    3. Substantial work has been done on the document since the last conference call.  The new material has been inserted as a new Chapter 12 after the old Chapter 11 = data slot.
    4. The WG approved by acclimation/consensus the new material for submission for ballot.
    5. Agreed timeline for document completion:
      1. In next 2 days, WG members will review the draft document and insert edits and comments.
      2. At that point, Andrea Rappelsberger will begin final formatting.
      3. The WG will post the document on 2022-11-28 for review by the CDS WG with an explanatory email to the CDS WG list..
      4. The WG will review the document with the CDS WG at its meeting on 2022-11-30.  (The Arden Syntax v3.0 PSS denotes "formal content review" by the CDS WG as project co-sponsor.)
      5. Andrea Rappelsberger will do additional copy editing in time for the final content deadline on 2022-12-04.
  2. Next meeting:  2023-01-10 at 1100 HL7 time.
    1. Agenda:  Finalize the agenda for the Henderson WGM.