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Chair:  Robert Jenders

Scribe: Robert Jenders




Peter Haug

Robert JendersUCLA


  1. The work group discussed and agreed the topics for the agenda for its meeting during the "Las Vegas" virtual WGM on Monday, 25 January:
    1. CDS Big Picture IG - especially how to identify additional writers to jump-start the effort but including whether it should be delayed further to wait for additional maturity in Arden Syntax (the transition to v3).
    2. Administrative document review, including WG "health"
    3. Recap OMG activities and how these might be folded into the Arden Syntax
  2. The WG's session will kick off Q1 during its traditional hours on Monday of the WGM week (next week), using PST (the wall clock time at the place where the WGM was originally scheduled to occur = Henderson, Nevada).  The WG anticipated that its meeting would conclude by the end of Q2.
  3. Next WG meeting:  Monday, 2021-01-25 starting 1200 HL7 time via the HL7 WGM.