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  1. No there aren't. The only way it could possibly be done is adding some Javascript to validate the "Negative" ac:parameter. I'm going to look into for a bit this afternoon. 

    1. Probably not a deal breaker.  

  2. No, not urgent or essential at all.  Don't spend time on this.  I think we should be able to rely on TSC to enter comments when they vote negative or refer – they've been doing that all along with emails anyway.

  3. I was just a little worried about the apparently active buttons "Reset all user votes" and "close the survey"......

    1. Giorgio:  Please look at it now.  I enabled the manager function for anne, which should restrict Reset, Close, and export to her.

  4. Brian Pech We will need to agree on exactly how the documents need to be placed. For 4. Approve:  ARB Nov. 12 Evote Pilot Document the document was in Question Resources.

  5. So we need to identify ourselves in the comments inline when we vote? Or can the system capture who is entering the comment.

  6. Big Brother is watching.  Seriously, the system  records your participation.

  7. We should not have to unlock when we get to the link as it is confusing..

  8. On behalf of EHR WG, I unblocked the poll, voted Affirmative on all 3 items, and left the poll UNlocked.

    Do I need to do anything else to make sure our WG votes are "saved"?

    1. Sorry - I neglected to lock the page once the vote was tallied.