A list of lessons we should learn from the September 2018 ballot cycle.

  • Create a TSC Ballot Deadline Calendar for each ballot cycle. This will show the various TSC deadlines, appeal dates, etc.  This should be integrated into the existing publishing calendar.
  • On the NIB, require an email address for the primary contact and publishing facilitator. Create a mailing list each ballot cycle from these email addresses, so the deadlines can be communicated directly to these people. Alternately, we spam every work group’s list serve with these announcements. It appears that making these announcements to the co-chairs list is inadequate.
  • Should we delegate delayed opening decisions to the various management groups? If so, how much flexibility to we grant them? Appeals to the management group decision needs to go to the TSC. What about products that don’t have a product family?
  • Management groups need to establish their ballot deadlines and communicate them clearly as well. SGB probably needs to craft a precept on this.
  • Need to clarify work group/management groups roles in making sure quality products are going to ballot.
  • Require PSS's be approved a ballot cycle in advance. This avoids last second ballot work being dumped on a work group, result in possible poor quality ballots.
  • Fuzziness between US Realm vs. Universal on PSS.