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The HL7 Architecture Board seeks to achieve a coherent architecture for HL7 that defines the relationships across and between the HL7 work products, processes, and organizational structure and how they relate to other standards. This architecture includes the Business Architecture by which these work products are produced, managed and governed.

The HL7 Architecture Review Board (ARB) encourages participation in its work.  Interested parties should attend ARB meetings.

Space Organization

ARB Sydney DocumentsAgenda, Minutes, Attendance
ARB Meeting IndexMeeting list with outstanding Tasks.
ARB Trimester AgendasPlanning agenda for the trimester
ARB Defined TSC Approved PreceptsTSC approved precepts defined by ARB
ARB Works in progressItems currently under discussion without final decision.
Decision logLog of binding decisions made during meetings.
ARB Precepts and ProceduresInternal ARB precepts, and those not yet TSC approved
ARB Uncategorized DocumentsThose documents that do not fit the above categories.
ARB Confluence PilotsPilot project pages

About us - Co-Chairs

ARB leadership

ARB Conference call: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/arb97 

ArB Membership

Cigna HealthcareHL7 CTO
Lorraine Constable     Co-ChairConstable Consulting Inc.Zoran MilosevicDeontik Pty Ltd
Duteau DesignRon G. ParkerParker Digital Health Computing
Hugh GloverBlue Wave InformaticsAndy StechishinCANA Software and Service Ltd

Anthony Julian  Co-Chair

Mayo Clinic

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