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Short DescriptionWhat doesn't work?How should it work?PriorityAssigned toResolutionResolution Date
Attendance List HeadersWhen the attendance list gets longer than 1 page, can't tell which column to checkHeader should float to top of screenHighAnthony Julian

From Atlassian:

In some instances table header rows will stick to the top when you're viewing a page, making those really long tables easier to read. There are a few exceptions, though. Table headers aren't sticky when your table:

  • Is inside a page layout, inside another table, or inside a macro.
  • Has no header row or there are cells in the top row that aren't marked as headers.
  • Has a header column, instead of a header row, and scrolls horizontally.
  • Contains another table, that has its own header row.

See 2018-01-30 InM WGM Attendance

Edit buttonWhen attendance list is long, difficult to find edit button which is at the top HighAnthony Julian

Training:  IF you scroll UP in the window the

toolbar drops down to expose the menu - when you scroll down, it goes away. 

Sort namesThe names aren't sorted, rather in order of adding that rowEasier to find each person's name when sorted (alpha)MediumAnthony Julian

In order to sort, the header cannot contain merged cells.  See 2018-01-30 InM WGM Attendance

Alternative is to use the table macro - which HL7 has not licensed.

NamesArB is using @ sign in the name columnShould that be the process for everyoneMedium   
Manual add

As expected, some attendees aren't able to add themselves (adding their account not finished,

just not willing, etc.

Process to manually add is wonky, have to stop in middle of

meeting to figure out who to add.

    •  Check box
Not persistent - Could cause problems for ANSI audit

As a user i should NOT be able to go back later and signify attendance.

JIRAI think that we need a more comprehensive JIRA than just task.

Something that supports additional states:E.G. Proposed, approved,

ready for ballot, in ballot, reconciling, closed.

Discovered Item Checkbox in attendance list creates incomplete taskgo to ARB Meeting Index. Note the incomplete tasks labeled R

I used the R to indicate that the person sent regrets.  Since the attendance is a task-list clone,

it shows up on the incomplete tasks.