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This log was created for tracking the attendees at an HL7 Working Group Meeting and is not optimized for the many weekly and every-other-week scheduled teleconferences.  Please contact any co-chair of the work group you are attending in case your name or e-mail is misspelled, or the attendance is not checked appropriately.  You can find a list of all active Work Groups on the site.  Select a work group, then the leadership tab for contact information for that work groups co-chairs. 

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Sat Q1

Sat Q2Sat Q3Sat Q4
Sun Q1Sun Q2Sun Q3Sun Q4

Mon Q1

Mon Q2

Mon Q3

Mon Q4

Tue Q1

Tue Q2

Tue Q3

Tue Q4

Wed Q1

Wed Q2

Wed Q3

Wed Q4

Thu Q1

Thu Q2

Thu Q3

Thu Q4

Fri Q1

Fri Q2

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