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Argonaut 2020 Project Overview


Meeting Schedule

For scheduling details and dial-in info, please refer to public calendar for viewing and public iCal for import


  • Bulk Data. Enhance the FHIR Bulk Data API based on real-world experience, to be ready for regulatory requirements that come online in 2022.

    • Zulip stream:
    • Meeting notes, etc:
  • Granular Controls. Expand the SMART App Launch Framework to support finer-grained access controls.

    • Zulip stream:
    • Meeting notes, etc:
  • Patient Lists. Ensure that provider-facing apps can figure out things like "who are the patients I'm seeing today," or "who are the patients I'm responsible for in the hospital right now," or "who are the patients in this ward."

    Patient List Resources:

    • Meetings: Starting April 1, Every Other Wednesday 1-2 PM ET

      • To join by phone instead, tap this: +1.512.402.2718,,4225410989#
    • GitHub:

    • Chat:

    • Notes:

    • Facilitators:

      • Eric Haas:


Please join the relevant Zulip streams at to join in discussion and follow progress.

We've also got full meeting notes, slide decks, and surveys for all projects available in Google Drive

We'll host two types of calls:

  • Project-specific technical "Workgoup" calls every other week. These are intended for small-group discussion of the evolving specifications, and we're encouraging folks to join these calls only if you're actively contributing to the technical specifications. We'll keep detailed notes and provide routine status updates so everyone can keep tabs.
  • Cross-project "Checkpoint" calls monthly. These are community-wide update calls, intended for broader discussion including Q&A. We encourage broad attendance and will record calls to ensure that folks can catch up anytime.
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