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First steps in provide guidance for supporting FHIR “write” use cases in the context of specific USCDI elements.

Currently very little guidance is provided on writing and updating data in the context of US Core profiles. There are multiple issues that will need to be considered when defining expected behavior by the various actors to support updates and writes to the data including:

  • Defining the overall approach
    • direct updates to a particular resource via FHIR RESTful transactions
    • new Profiles to represent the context and issue and request
  • Write failure scenarios (e.g., insufficient data to create)
  • Writing and updating data in the context of the Must Support fields
  • Indicating the source of update

There are other ongoing efforts focusing on patient updates or corrections such as those sponsored by the HL7 Patient Empowerment WG as a specific "write" use case.  We will be reaching out and sharing our efforts with these communities

Executive Summary

  Pre-implementation Guide Notes  (Source)

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