The Argonaut 2019 Projects:

  • R4 Updates
  • Clinical Data Subscriptions
  • Provenance
  • SMART Web Messaging + CDS Hooks

Additional information, including links to current project materials and discussion, is provided below.

Argonaut R4

The Argonaut experience dictates robust implementation guides that require real implementation and testing. For this project, the Argonaut Data Query DSTU2 IG will be update to FHIR Version R4 with the goal of having consistency among implementers to meet the USCDI requirements. Includes adoption and testing of US Core R4 resources; adding Encounters and Clinical Notes and consideration of adding “write” capability for a subset of the resources. This guide will be based upon the core FHIR R4 API and US Core Implementation Guide (CI Build)

Clinical Data Subscriptions

Enables push use cases. The goal in 2019 is to create an Encounter Subscription guide that enables an authorized SMART on FHIR client application to register a long-term data subscription based on a specific patient id, and/or based on a specific practitioner id.

Argonaut Provenance

The goal is consistent implementation of provenance to meet needs of end users, and subsequently USCDI v1.

SMART Web Messaging + CDS Hooks (radiology ordering)

The goal in 2019 is to have a published, implementable SMART Web Messaging guide, a publicly deployed reference implementation and test the CDS hooks radiology use case with clients/servers.

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