2018 Projects

In 2018 the Argonaut Project focused on the following:

  • Clinical Notes
  • Bulk data access: Flat FHIR/Backend Services Authorization
  • “Simple Assessment” Questionnaire & Questionnaire Response

Implementation Guides, including those from previous years, are available here.

Clinical Notes The Argonaut Clinical Notes Profile is a vendor agnostic specification providing FHIR RESTful APIs and guidance for access to Clinical Notes by both patient and practitioner end users. This specification is based on FHIR Version 3.0.1 and specifically the DocumentReference, and DiagnosticReport resources. See U.S. Core Data for Interoperability as a part of TEFCA which proposed support for Clinical Notes access. The current FHIR STU3, and ballot version of FHIR STU4, does not include concrete guidance for exchanging notes. CI Build available.

Bulk Data Providers and organizations often need to efficiently access large volumes of information on a group of individuals. Currently, this is often done by exporting a specific subset of fields from the source system into a file format like CSV, transmitting these files to a server, and then importing the files into the target system. Existing FHIR APIs work well for accessing small amounts of data, but large exports can require hundreds of thousands of requests. These draft specifications outline a standardized, FHIR based approach to bulk data export. Current documentation: https://github.com/hl7/bulk-data. Goal is to have one version for SMART, HL7 and Argonaut to avoid confusion around differences between the content. (historical reference only: Backend Services & Flat FHIR)

Questionnaire and Questionnaire Response The goal of the Argonaut Questionaire Project is to develop guidance to support interchange of simple forms based on FHIR Version 3.0.1 and specifically the Questionnaire and QuestionnaireResponse resources. Current CI build available

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