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Chair:  Line Saele

Scribe: Line Saele





Giorgio CangioliHL7 Italy
Roeland LuykxRoeland LuykxHL7 Switzerland
Line SaeleHL7 Norway

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Lapsed status for HL7 Slovenia and HL7 Philippines

HL7 Slovenia and HL7 Philippines have been in lapsed status for a year. There has been several attempts to contact the affiliates, but no response.

Motion by Giorgio, second by Roeland: 

Move the two affiliates in terminated status. 

Motion passes - 2-0-0

Line will address this to the Board of HL7 International during the meeting in Montreal. The Board has the final decicsion if the Affiliates should be put in Terminated status.


Affiliate Welcome kit

The decicison was made to make this our main priority during our meeting in Montreal.

Roeland also suggested to check into having mentors for new Affiliates. This will be part of the Agenda in Montreal.

Management Agenda for Montreal WGM – Sunday Q2.

The Agenda in Montreal will be around the Affiliate Welcome Kit and on how to better support Affiliates with low activity. 

For Agenda - see: Agenda for May 2019 WGM

 Adjourned at 21:17

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  •  Line Saeleto address the termination of HL7 Slovenia and HL7 Philippines at the Board meeting in May, Montreal, Canada.