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Welcome to Affiliate Due Diligence Committee pages


The Executive Committee shall establish an Affiliate Due Diligence Committee (ADDC). The ADDC shall consist of two (2) Board members, up to four (4) representatives elected by the International Council, and one HL7 staff member.  The members of the ADDC and its chair are determined by the Board Chair.


The purpose of this committee is to review the applications to establish an affiliate and make a recommendation to the Executive Committee, who will then forward their recommendation on to the Board of Directors for final approval.

Role/Responsibility of Committee

  • Establish petition/application with criteria for approval
  • Post "How to Become an Affiliate" on web site
  • Review each petition/application
  • Serve as primary contact persons to applicants
  • Make recommendation to Executive Committee for approval or denial

Members of the ADDC

Chair:  Diego Karminker, HL7 Argentina Diego Kaminker

Board member: Melva Peters, Jenaker Consulting Melva Peters

Member: Giorgio Cangioli, HL7 Italy Giorgio Cangioli

Member: Cathrine Chronaki, Secretary General HL7 Europe

Member: Roeland Luykx, HL7 Switzerland , Roeland Luykx

Member: Robert Stegwee, HL7 Netherlands, Robert Stegwee

Member: Line Andreassen Saele, HL7 Norway, Line Saele

Member: Jason Steen, HL7 Australia, 

Staff support: Linda Jenkins Linda Jenkins

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